Healthcare Professionals

Dr Sarju Mehta, Cambridge University Hospitals:

“As an NHS clinician, having the latest tools for diagnosis is vital and ultimately leads to better management of patients and the prospect of personalised medicine. This co-ordinated project is the envy of the world and if we are able to translate this technology into the clinic, then this has to be good for patients. I hope by highlighting patients (which is a relatively simple process), at least some will get a diagnosis.”

100,000 Genomes Project

The 100,000 Genomes Project is a transformative project using genomic medicine to change how NHS patients are treated. It is also a new way for caring for patients. To sequence 100,000 genomes over four years is ambitious and has never been done on this scale anywhere in the world before. Healthcare professionals already play a vital role in recruiting Rare Disease and Cancer patients to the Project.

Our East of England region

The East of England Genomic Medicine Centre has been set up to deliver the 100,000 Genomes Project to patients and families with cancer and rare diseases who are currently being cared for by the NHS in Cambridge, Leicester, Nottingham and Norwich.

The more people who come forward to participate in the Project, the greater the body of knowledge there will be to inform diagnoses and patient care in the future.

The East of England needs to recruit around 9,000 volunteers as their contribution to the national target.

Recruiting one of your patients

We need help from healthcare professionals in the East of England to identify suitable patients. Please read more here. 


Genomics Education and Training

If you are interested in genomics education and training please read more here.