“For the first time we will be able to discover the cause of many rare but important diseases, and so provide better care for patients and their families”.

Dr Brian Thomson, the project lead at Nottingham University Hospitals.

For some patients, a particular treatment may be suggested based on their results from the 100,000 Genomes Project, but in most cases this probably won’t happen. The main benefits of your involvement in the Project are likely to be for other patients with similar conditions in the future.

For example:

Treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy, often provide a ‘blanket treatment’, meaning that most patients with a particular type of cancer are all treated the same way, with the risk of over-treating or under-treating certain patients. This can cause unnecessary side effects and discomfort to patients who are potentially not receiving the best treatment for them. Being able to ‘read’ and understand a patient’s DNA ‘barcode’ allows for greater personalised treatment for patients, which will improve their cancer journey, increase survival rates and improve the quality of life for NHS patients.

For more information on Results please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

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