What do I need to do to be involved?

To be recruited to the 100,000 Genomes Project in the East of England you need to:

  • Come to a recruitment centre where we will go through the consent forms and take the necessary blood samples.
  • If you are cared for in another hospital in the region, you will still be eligible but you may need to travel to one of the recruiting hospitals to enter the study.


  • Currently we are only able to recruit people at the designated hospitals. In future we hope to develop more local facilities across the East of England region for recruitment.


For Rare Diseases

For medical scientists to have the best chance of finding the genetic cause of a rare disease, we need to collect samples from the affected individual and both their parents. Where one or both parents are not able to join the study, as many close relatives as possible are needed to maximise the chance of success in identifying the genetic cause of the disease.

All members of a family taking part in the project will have a chance to join the study.  In order to join each family member will also need to give their consent and provide a blood sample taken.


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